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Item #: 525-1763

Clio Prime and Clio Pedo

Clio Prime and Clio Pedo


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Manufacturer: SOTA Imaging

SOTA Imaging introduces the NEW Clio Prime Digital X-Ray Sensor — the culmination of decades of digital x-ray sensor innovation — featuring EveryShot X-Ray Capture technology for superior image quality, a new capsule design for extra durability and easy positioning, and built-in integration capabilities for a smooth workflow. With EveryShot technology, you can use any handheld x-ray or wall mount unit. No matter the source, EveryShot effectively eliminates under- and overexposure, saving you from time-consuming retakes and delivering consistently exceptional diagnostic images. Clio Prime's ComfyCorner Design is made for effortless positioning throughout an FMX. Clipped corners and beveled edges are anatomically aligned to the oral cavity, making any x-ray view effortless. Using the same spirit of innovation, SOTA Imaging designed Clio Pedo, the perfect sized sensor for pediatric patients.

The Clio Prime dental sensor is tough. With an incredibly hard outer capsule and shock-absorbing bumpers, it stands up to the rigors of daily use, saving you from expensive replacements. Even the replaceable cable is customized so patients bite on the positioner, not the cable. SOTA Imaging performed an insane amount of tests to prove longevity for every millimeter of the sensor, then had them dentist verified.

Kit Contents: Clio Prime or Pedo Digital X-Ray Sensor, Clio Prime or Pedo Sensor Wall Mount, USB Extension Cable (3 feet), Sheath, Clio Prime (50 pcs), Sensor Positioner 

Features and Benefits

  • Available in adult and pediatric sizes (Clio Prime and Clio Pedo)
  • EveryShot X-Ray Capture
  • ComfyCorner capsule design
  • Replaceable cable
  • Two-year warranty
  • Exceptional diagnostic images
  • Eliminate under and over exposure
  • Avoid time-consuming retakes
  • Effortless positioning
  • Easy integration 
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