About Darby Dental Supply LLC.

Since 1948, thousands of dentists nationwide have relied upon Darby Dental as one of the leading distributors of dental supplies. We pride ourselves by offering the same "one customer at a time" service upon which the company was built.
Every Darby Dental Sales Representative responds to each customer as if he or she were the only customer. It is this corporate philosophy that has helped build Darby Dental into one of the largest, most trusted dental distributors in the nation.
Our goal is not merely to supply product in a timely fashion. We help our customers reduce supply costs, increase cash flow, minimize administrative expenses and improve inventory management by providing an extensive, affordably priced product with unique and innovative services. Our Sales Representatives and Customer Service personnel pride themselves on the personalized relationships they have developed that enable them to better understand the specific needs of each individual customer. It is this unique relationship, combined with our technological expertise, that distinguishes Darby Dental from other distributors.
We stock more than 40,000 different products in several strategically located warehouse and distribution centers across the country to ensure product availability and reduce inventory costs for our customers. Our distributions centers are among the most automated in the country utilizing automated product picking, handling, and shipping technologies such as bar-code scanning and radio frequency systems.
A leader in the use of information technology, we have developed some of the most innovative and successful Internet systems for online supply purchasing and inventory management to better serve our customers.
Our customized Internet purchasing Website provides valuable information on products, purchasing, payments and delivery. Group practices can utilize our Website to monitor multiple clinics' buying activity. The customer sets the purchasing rules in accordance with a negotiated contract and can be confident that its individual clinics adhere to those rules. Real time information is provided to the managing office for approval and processing. This online system lets group practices manage their purchasing operations without a major capital investment in hardware and communications equipment.
Recognized as one of the top ten employers on Long Island, Darby Dental has doubled in size in the last five years. No matter how many new customers we service... how many new manufacturers we represent... how many new warehouse facilities we open... we will maintain the four key goals which have led to our success:
• World Class Customer Service - we will continue to strive to make each customer experience with our business one that exceeds their expectations and brings value to their business
• Technology Innovation - we will invest in new ways to create and deliver value to our customers, suppliers and partners
• Partnerships That Last - we will seek to create partnerships that survive the test of time and create continued loyalty and opportunity
• Developing Our People - we recognize that our people are our greatest assets and we will provide the resources and culture in which they may grow
By maintaining these principles and embracing the opportunities of today's technology, Darby Dental will continue to serve the customer and maintain its position as one of the leading distributors in the dental industry.
Darby Dental Supply Locations :

Jericho, NY

Deerfield Beach, FL

DePere, WI

Chandler, AZ

Memphis, TN

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